Jenny Verne in her garden.
Jenny Verne in her garden. MIKE RICHARDS

In my garden: Landscaper loves watching 'family' grow

THIS week we talk gardening with landscaper Jenny Verne, who offers tips on keeping a garden healthy.  

Name: Jenny Verne.

Occupation: Greenscape landscaping.

What is in your garden? Lots of natives including grevillea, pink alma callistemon, lomandra grasses, tuckeroos mixed in with a bunch of oversized agave and a few lovely river cherry trees that are taking off nicely.

How do you keep it healthy? It is in the planting and establishment that ensures good health.

Good soil, drainage and thick mulching with plenty of watering for the first three months, topped up with organic fertiliser a couple of times during the first year.

How long have you lived in the region? Seven wonderful years!

What are you doing next with your garden? We are doing some contour trenching on the hillside and planting out the area with all local trees and shrubs, with the aim of converting some of the harsh eucalypt areas back into lush rainforest-type growth which I believe this area once was.

This will take some years to establish. Fortunately we have been the recipient of about 2000 tube stock of local shrubs and trees propagated by the botanic gardens about three years ago.

Why gardening? For me it's a lot like watching your family grow.

With the right nurturing, pruning, food, water and protection - you will enjoy the company for many years.

I particularly love when a plant has its first flower!

What is your favourite plant and why? I don't have just one… all the grevillea are just wonderful as the flowers bring in the bees and the birds all year round.

River cherry trees, which are a native rainforest tree with a dense spreading crown and glossy green foliage, have profuse cream honey-scented flowers in summer and attract birds and butterflies.

The bunches of pinkish red fruit are also edible.

Who taught you how to garden? Being brought up on a farm, my mother always had a large vegetable garden which I enjoyed.

However, it is Jason Younger who has been an inspiration to me in our business and has taught me so much more about the enjoyment of wonderful gardens.