STYLISH AND SMART: Runtastic’s Moment Classic fills a gap in the market.
STYLISH AND SMART: Runtastic’s Moment Classic fills a gap in the market.

Runtastic Moment Classic: Watch your fitness

WALK into any store selling gadgetry and there's likely to be a shelf full of fitness wearables.

Everything from the cheapest Fitbit to the most sophisticated LG Android smartwatch promises to count your steps, count your calories, count your best lap time.

You're not wanting for choice.

The problem with the majority of them is that they all look like wearable gadgets.

The new trend in activewear seems to have demanded a new design ethos which is slick in its own way but doesn't suit everyone - not by a long shot.

Runtastic's new Moment Classic fills that gap nicely.

The Classic looks like a traditional watch, with a traditional band, face and bezel. It fits precisely how a watch should fit and lacks anything in the way of bright, flashy LEDs.

Beneath this traditional exterior, though, lies a smart device capable of a number of basic but important fitness-tracking features, as well as a couple of extras.

Firstly, and this applies to all of the Runtastic Moment watches, the Classic tracks your steps during the day.

This count is shown as a percentage on a dial on the watch's face but also syncs to your smartphone.

The sync will also track the number of minutes you've been active throughout the day, how far you've walked, and a calculation of how many calories you've burned.

When you go to bed each night, you can switch the Classic over to sleep mode where it will track you sleeping time and patterns.

The feedback the watch gives is quite detailed and the dashboards on your phone for your activity and sleeping patterns should be enough to keep most people quite happy, with the only significant thing missing being heart rate, which Runtastic handles with another gadget.

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Setup for the Moment Classic is simple, but you need to follow the instructions as written and not get clever.

I tried to pair the watch to my phone manually and ended up with it not working. Turns out the watch's built-in pairing process is needed, but this didn't pose any issues and once everything got going, the link stayed up.

I'm a huge fan of watches, but I've never been fond of actually wearing them.

They itch and irritate and I always forget to put them back on if I take them off for some reason.

This is the first watch in a while where I've worn it for a week straight without issues.

The Classic comes with a brown standard band for the gold-faced version or a black band for the silver and rose gold versions.

The weight is well-balanced and light enough for being active and not weighing too heavily on your arm.

The Classic is claimed waterproof up to 100m as well, so taking it in the shower or for a swim shouldn't be an issue.

Charging isn't a consideration with the Classic being powered by a long-life lithium battery, again, meaning you'll be treating this more like a real watch than an iPhone - you replace the battery once every million years compared to the constant recharging cycle of most gadgets.

The Runtastic Moment Classic is available for $AU279.95 from