Expert snake catcher Andrew Smedley is warning Ipswich residents to be on the look out for the reptiles after an unusually warm winter.

The warning comes after he was called out to deal with an eastern brown at a home in Mount Marrow over the weekend.

He said: "I've been to this place twice previously, and this morning received a call for this guy.

"The owner noticed the cat eyeing off something in the grass and then saw the snake.

"I definitely do not recommend taking matters into your own hands, but in this situation it would most likely have disappeared under the holes in the concrete slab, so the resident managed to keep it contained until I arrived.

"As you can see the snake was not impressed by that and very agitated.

"Also I didn't have the time to get catching bag so had to maneuver it in, just lucky the snake hadn't been in the sun or would of been twice the handful.

"Anyway, it's now relocated and looks like the season has come earlier than last, so things will get busy soon."

Tips to stay Snake safe

  • Tell kids to wear enclosed shoes; kids are often bitten on the feet after standing on snakes
  • If you find a snake, don't corner it, just move away and let it escape

What to do if bitten

  • Assume all snakes are venomous
  • Call 000 immediately
  • Don't wash the wound
  • Firmly wrap the bite area in a bandage
  • Limit movement
  • If possible, mark the bite site with a pen