The 10-foot shark reportedly caught off Fraser Island.
The 10-foot shark reportedly caught off Fraser Island.

WATCH: Video shows 3m shark caught off Fraser Island

A HUGE 10 foot shark has reportedly been caught by a fisherman and his girlfriend off Fraser Island.

Brett Methven, who runs Coastal Chaos Adventures, uploaded a video of the fascinating encounter - in which they safely released the shark - to YouTube earlier this month.

The video shows Mr Methven battling with the shark, believed to be a dusky whaler, along the shoreline on Fraser Island before eventually bringing the animal into the shallow water just before sunset.

"We've just seen a shadow here, it's swimming towards the beach and it's a big shadow, unreal" Mr Methven's girlfriend Tal can be heard saying on the video.

He and Tal then pat the shark before he pulls the hook out with pliers.

Mr Methven then pushed the shark back off into the water where it swims off.

The video has received more than 94,000 views.