A VIDEO of a snake coming too close for comfort at a family home in Boyne Island has gone viral with more than 11,000 views on the original post.

The video shared by Wayne Loats shows his fiance Vanessa Fanfulla going outside to hang out laundry followed by the couples' twins Aisha and Mila, 2, before they startle a snake hiding in a corner.

The snake comes out of the corner and as she's trying to run away Aisha accidentally steps on it before her mum grabs her and takes her away.

Mr Loats said at first he believed the snake was a deadly Eastern Brown however has been told it was more likely a venomous yellow-faced whipsnake.

He said the girls were shaken by the incident but were still a bit young to understand what happened.

"Aisha is still a bit scared," Mr Loats said.

"She's a bit startled from things she's not aware of."

His message to other residents in the area: "Stay alert, the snakes are still about, keep your yards clean and educate your kids on what to do if there is a snake."