Jo Auld from Gladstone Gymnastics competing at the 2019 QLD Masters at Gladstone gymnastics Club on 14 July 2019.
Jo Auld from Gladstone Gymnastics competing at the 2019 QLD Masters at Gladstone gymnastics Club on 14 July 2019. Matt Taylor GLA140719GYMN

WATCH: There were superheroes and keen masters' competition

GYMNASTICS: All the rigorous training paid off for Gladstone's Kerry Morgan on Sunday.

She finished runner-up in the 2019 Queensland Masters after she strutted her exquisite skills in her favourite event - uneven bars.

Deadpool Shows His Stuff:

Gladstone Masters Gymnastics: There was some light-hearted gymnastics from Alfie Little - aka Dead Pool

"We have been training for two years and all the training has been worth it," Morgan said.

Even though Morgan has done gymnastics from an early age, she still feels on edge before competition.

"I still get nervous, but there's plenty of team spirit and good encouragement from the crowd," Morgan said.

There was plenty of humour when Alfie Little dressed up as superhero character Deadpool.

He showed his athleticism with a series of tumbles and backflips on the floor.

"It was pretty nerve-racking but it was fun," Little said.

He performed in the high bar, rings, parallel bars and vaults later in the day and he finished first in the 40-49 Open class.

Gladstone's Zteven Whitty was spectacular on the floor.

His moves enthralled the spectators.

"It's not hard at all and I competed in the nationals last year," Whitty said.

"Gymnastics gives me a sense of place and it's a very important part of my life.

"Gymnastics is more than movement and it keeps the child in me alive."

Event founder Anna Turetschek said competition was keen and of high quality.

"It was quite hard this year and the rules are a bit more tougher for the masters," she said.


WAG Results

18-29 Masters Place

Brooke Bevis Sunshine Coast Gymnastics Academy 1st

Rhianna Pendergast Urban Gymnastics Club 2nd

Lacey Thiess Urban Gymnastics Club 3rd

18-29 Open Place

Melita Rohrlach Wide Bay Gymnastics 1st

Lauren Ralfe Urban Gymanstics 2nd

30-39 Masters Place

Jade Hodges Wide Bay Gymnastics 1st

30-39 Open Place

Joanne Auld Gladstone Gymnastics 1st

Joanne Foss Bundaberg PCYC 2nd

Rikki Ibbotson Gladstone Gymnastics 3rd

40-49 Masters Place

Joanne Everett Wide Bay Gymnastics 1st

Kerry Morgan Gladstone Gymnastics 2nd

40-49 Open Place

Lyness Litzow Gladstone Gymnastics 1st

50-59 Open Place

Suzanne Neucom Gladstone Gymnastics 1st

Robyn Davidson Gladstone Gymnastics 2nd

MAG Results

18-29 Masters Place

David Eggleton Urban Gymnastics 1st

Ashley Goldsworthy Urban Gymnastics 2nd

18-29 Open Place

Michael Gurnett Wide Bay Gymnastics 1st

30-39 Masters Place

Benjamin Villalobos Wide Bay Gymnastics 1st

30-39 Open Place

Jarrad Evans Urban Gymnastics 1st

40-49 Masters Place

Tiago Anrade Gymfinity Gymnastics 1st

40-49 Open Place

Alfie Little Gladstone Gymnastics 1st

Justin Baker Wide Bay Gymnastics 2nd