A MOTORIST has captured the terrifying moment a B-double truck hit the back trailer of another truck and veered towards them.

Footage shows on oncoming truck veering towards two oncoming cars, both of which take evasive action.

The truck swerved into the wrong lane and eventually onto a dusty road verge.

The couple which filmed the footage stopped to check on the truck driver, and waited for plumes of dust to clear.

Nobody was hurt in the incident.

The close call took place on the Cunningham Hwy near Warwick.

The truck narrowly avoided crashing into two oncoming cars.

Viewers of the video have praised the motorists for their calmness in the face of danger.

Barry Blundell said: "That was really cool that the lady had all the faith in her partner to do the right thing.

"If it was my (partner) I would be like OMG, OMG… scream!"

Concerns were also raised about the quality of the road.

Michelle Brad said: "Poor quality road with little or no maintenance. Tough break for all concerned."

Porky Sonter said: "We all drive on second class roads and we all need to do our bit; cars and trucks alike.

"Be vigilant, and act responsibly and drive the best you can."

Chris Ainger said the incident was "just frightening".

"The potential energy at play here, the car could have been decimated."