Ocean Guardian Protective Electrical Field
Ocean Guardian Protective Electrical Field

WATCH: Shark Shield technology tested

SHARK Shield's Ocean Guardian could line Ballina's Lighthouse Beach as part of a pilot test for the unique technology, but a lack of funding is standing in the way.

Shark Shield CEO Lindsay Lyon said Shark Shield had been working with a physicist on some new technology.

"We believe scientifically and through the physics that we could create electrical barrier that could be up to 100m in diameter," Mr Lyon said.

At this stage the technology is still in its infancy but they are looking to test some prototypes with some sharks.



Mr Lyon said they had twice presented to the federal government's senate enquiry their shark deterrence and new technology, and were currently in the market to raise "$1 million in capital to complete the development of the technology and get it into a commercialised state."

They are seeking new and existing shareholders to invest.

He also said he thought it strange "that not a single government person has picked up the phone to talk to us about it", and described the technology as "a great thing" for the environment, tourism and Australia.

In a submission to the senate enquiry in July Mr Lyon wrote: "We are amazed given the lives lost and community economic damage from shark attacks as to why there has been no interest in commissioning a pilot or test site for Ocean Guardian, given it is based on scientifically proven deterrent technology which has been on the market for twenty years."

"We have already received an order from a police department for Ocean Guardian, yet we have received no queries from local councils, state or federal governments in a technology which will remove the need for shark culling, shark nets, and the environmental damaging bycatch caused by shark nets."

Ballina Shire council has since given Shark Shield a letter of support to seek funding.