WATCH: Police bust driver 46km/h over the limit

Speeding increases in Queensland: 146km/h in 100km/h zone on Bruce Highway, Bernaraby shown in the video.
Speeding increases in Queensland: 146km/h in 100km/h zone on Bruce Highway, Bernaraby shown in the video.


QUEENSLAND Police are warning residents of the dangers of speeding after a driver was sprung 46km/h over the speed limit at Benaraby last week.

Police say there has been a spike in speeding drivers, citing the Benaraby driver caught on the Bruce Highway at 146km/h as one of seven examples.

Another driver was caught speeding at 115km/h in a 60km/h zone.

Police said the sharp increase in the past five weeks was despite a drop in the number of vehicles on the road.

Road Policing Command assistant commissioner Mike Keating said officers had reported disturbingly high speeds across the state over the past month.

"Despite a 30 per cent reduction of vehicles on Queensland roads, we are seeing a significant increase in the proportion of speeding drivers," he said.

"The risks of speeding have not changed and the faster you go, the more consequence there is if you hit something or someone else."

In the past five weeks, the rate of speed camera trailer detections jumped 74 per cent, fixed speed cameras at traffic lights increased 84 per cent and fixed point-to-point cameras climbed 124 per cent.

Assistant commissioner Keating said the sharp increase in speed detections could be associated with a misconception of reduced police activity.

"Police are still proactively patrolling road networks and our fixed and mobile trailer cameras are still active to ensure motorists were obeying the road rules," he said.

"The road rules in Queensland have not changed in any way and motorists exceeding the speed limit can expect to see enforcement action taken by police."


High speed examples

• 146km/h in 100km/h zone on Bruce Highway at Bernaraby - April 13, 2020

• 115km/h in a 60km/h zone on Deception Bay Rd at Deception Bay - April 24, 2020

• 140km/h in a 90km/h zone on Maroochydore Rd at Forest Glen - April 23, 2020

• 147km/h in a 100km//h zone on Bruce Highway at Maryborough - April 23, 2020

• 156km/h in a 100km/h zone on Ipswich Motorway at Goodna - April 22, 2020

• 133km/h in 110km/h zone on M1 at Ormeau - April 22, 2020

• 112km/h in 80km/h zone on Teviot Rd, South Maclean - April 13, 2020