A still from a dashcam video of a near miss on the Sturt Highway.
A still from a dashcam video of a near miss on the Sturt Highway.

WATCH: Near identical near misses on highway

IT'S NO wonder that truckies are frustrated with the driving habits of non-truckies when videos like this emerge.

On the Dashcams Adelaide Facebook page, two separate videos detailing near-exact near misses were posted just days apart.

The first, posted on June 17, happened on the Sturt Highway, with the driver's camera capturing footage of an impatient motorist who wanted to overtake.

But at the last minute, the driver failed to see a caravan coming from the opposite direction and miraculously avoided a crash with it - and the truck it was trying to overtake.

Then, only a few days later, another video appeared, taken on the same highway, was a near-identical video, but a smaller vehicle instead of a caravan.

When are these drivers going to learn this kind of behaviour isn't safe? As Dashcam Adelaide said, there are "too many idiots out there".

One driver wrote there was nothing wrong with the highway - it all came down to dangerous and impatient drivers. 

"It's drivers. They are impatient. They take stupid risks. They are driving fatigued, distracted. But it is this dog-headed selfishness that terrifies me the most. The road is fine. One of the better ones." 

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