WATCH: Ghostbusters embark on Gladstone mission today

GHOSTBUSTERS have dropped in to Gladstone to uncover some of our darkest paranormal secrets - or to just take out the Great Yarwun Valley Rally.

It's far more likely to be the latter. 

Today the biggest fundraiser for the school of 52 students has started, sending more than 50 teams across the region in search of clues and tasks.

Ghostbusters on the hunt in Gladstone : Ghostbusters, AKA Tracey Rule, Alex Crozier, Karyn Hetherington and Tammy Oliver, will run/drive rampant around Gladstone today for the Yarwun Great Valley Rally.

They're starting at CQUniversity and by 3pm they'll end up at the Yarwun State School where they'll enjoy a school fete.

Calliope mums Tracey Rule, Alex Crozier, Karyn Hetherington and Tammy Oliver have spent the last week making their Ghostbusters outfits.

But don't be fooled - this group of four Calliope mums have weapons and they're not afraid to use them.

Armed with spraying string, they're leaving a path of blue gooey string in their wake.

They've even decorated their van with signs just to top it all off.

"We even have the theme song - we had it blaring as we drove in (the CQUniversity car park)," Tracey said. 

This year the event will raise monies to make the front of the school more child friendly.

They plan to build a cubby house, sand pits and set up swings.