Vision of the incident.
Vision of the incident.

WATCH: Family ‘traumatised’ as police wrestle man to ground

USE of alleged excessive police force has once again been called into question following the arrest of an Indigenous teen in the Rockhampton region.

In confronting footage supplied to The Morning Bulletin, 19-year-old Abraham Jarrett appears to be forcibly detained by three police officers - the male officer allegedly using a chokehold to do so.

The dramatic arrest took place at a North Rockhampton home on Tuesday as loved ones watched on, screaming for the officer to let the man breathe.

Officers reportedly attended the home to execute a Return to Prison warrant.

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The teen is also currently recovering from an operation to repair a punctured lung.

His concerned father Anthony Jarrett claimed police first entered the premises yesterday without producing a warrant.

"[The officer] just came in and grabbed my son and proceeded to use excessive force on him, they got him to the ground in a chokehold," Mr Jarrett claimed.

"They did not state while they were there until after the fact of the (alleged) chokehold and (alleged) excessive force that was used."


Rockhampton police arrest a 19-year-old teenager: Rockhampton police execute a Return to Prison warrant at a North Rockhampton home earlier this week.
Rockhampton police arrest a 19-year-old teenager: Rockhampton police execute a Return to Prison warrant at a North Rockhampton home earlier this week.


When approached for comment by The Morning Bulletin about the incident, a Queensland Police Service spokesperson confirmed a complaint had been received in relation to an incident at Berserker on Tuesday, October 13.

"Police were called to a residence following reports of a disturbance, as a result, a 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with obstruct police officer," a QPS spokesman said.

"Police are conducting inquiries into the incident, which includes reviewing all available vision.

"The matter is being overviewed by the Ethical Standards Command."

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Use of excessive force has long been under public scrutiny, though more so in recent months following the death of George Floyd at the hands of American police.

In June, hundreds of residents descended on Rockhampton's riverfront in response, protesting heavy-handed police in a peaceful Black Lives Matter display.

"Indigenous people receive this sort of excessive force all the time, it's uncalled for, there's no need for it, especially when you're not trying to resist arrest," Mr Jarrett claimed.

"Regardless of what the charges were and why he had the warrant, the excessive force should not have been used."

In Queensland, common use of the chokehold or respiratory neck restraint does not fall under police policy.

FORCE: Police officers re-enact a lateral vascular neck restraint.
FORCE: Police officers re-enact a lateral vascular neck restraint.

Officers are, however, licensed to use what is referred to as a lateral vascular neck restraint - though only under severe circumstances.

The Queensland Police operational skills and practice manual states the manoeuvre may only be applied should an incident be deemed high-risk, acting or aiding in self-defence or there is an immediate operational necessity to apply the restraint.

"I'm disgusted in the police officer that (allegedly) used excessive force on my son, I don't think anybody would like any of their children to go through that," Mr Jarrett said.

"Myself, the people who were present and other family members are pretty much traumatised."

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Mr Jarrett has not spoken directly with his son since the arrest, instead enlisting local Juwarki Cell Watch service - which oversees the detainment of indigenous people - to relay messages.

"I feel that the officers should be held accountable," he said.

"Its very heart-wrenching to see that happen not only to my son but to anyone. It's just not right, it was handled wrong."

He suggested more cultural awareness programs be implemented, along with the attendance of PLOS at police inquiries or arrests of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander people - particularly youths.

The family is now in the process of requesting an official investigation in conjunction with the Stop Black Deaths in Custody Committee.