Dashcam footage of a truck and van colliding - but who is in the wrong?
Dashcam footage of a truck and van colliding - but who is in the wrong? Dashcam Owners Australia

WATCH: Crash between van and truck sparks debate

DASHCAM footage of a truck reversing into a van in the middle of a busy intersection has sparked a furious debate over who is in the wrong.

The video, uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, was filmed on Wednesday in Crestmead, Brisbane.

A large truck can be seen making its way through a busy intersection on Magnesium Dr with a van following behind it.

The truck puts its hazard lights on, stops in the middle of the intersection and starts reversing into a driveway.

The van tries to go around the truck before realising the driver is reversing. They try to swerve into the driveway to avoid a collision but the truck clips the side of the van, appearing to knock off part of the vehicle.

The video has received nearly a thousand comments, with opinions completely split over who is at fault.

Some users were adamant that the truck driver was in the wrong for stopping in the middle of an intersection.

"Truck is. It crossed in front of the van then stopped in the middle of the intersection and reversed. Van on the other hand slowed / stopped when the truck pulled in front then proceeded slowly once the truck was out of their lane. How were they supposed to know the truck would reverse? Even if the truck had hazard lights on doesn't mean it can just do whatever it wants whenever it wants," one person said.

"I don't know how the van was supposed to know that the truck was going to start reversing in the middle of an intersection," another wrote.

Another claimed: "A reversing vehicle is always at fault."

But there were others who claimed the van shouldn't have been so close to the truck in the first place.

"The van is in the wrong. You cannot do a U-Turn at a set of lights in NSW legally, so clearly the truck is backing in. Further the truck had it's hazard lights on and yes I know that doesn't mean go barge someone but they were on for a reason," one person wrote.

"Truck driver is ok it's the van in the wrong should of seen the hazard lights on the truck any truck with hazard lights on mean caution," another said.

One added: "This highlights the impatience from other road users undercutting trucks all the bloody time."

One person claimed they were both in the wrong.

"They are both idiots neither were watching their surroundings."