CONTENT: Murray Chapman has used the Vladswim race as preparation for more races in 2018.
CONTENT: Murray Chapman has used the Vladswim race as preparation for more races in 2018. Matt Taylor GLA211217CHAPMAN

WATCH: Chapman delivers the goods in the Harbour City

SWIMMER: Meet Murray Chapman.

He's an unassuming man who did something most would never contemplate.

Murray Chapman 211217:
Murray Chapman 211217:

And that is to swim in the 'Vladswim 10km Challenge' in Sydney in which the 54-year-old finished second in the 50-59 year age bracket.

Gladstone Gladiators Swimming Club head coach Tom Fronek suggested for his mate Chapman to give Vladswim a go and there were no regrets.

"It's the first time I have done it and it's just baby steps for me," Chapman said of the event which was started by Vladswim program founder Vlad Mravec.

"He (Mravec) set it up so people can qualify for the Rottnest Channel Swim and that's one of the reasons why I went down," Chapman said.

"I've left my run a bit late for next year because it's in February, so I'll leave that for 2019."

In the interim Chapman will continue to train and aims to compete at the Noosa Summer Swim in May next year.

He swam sub-three hours off Sydney's Chinamans Beach which is what he aimed for.

"It was just a circuit around the headlands dodging a few sharks, a few shark sightings, but all in all it was pretty good," Chapman said.

He described conditions as favourable except for the wind that had sprung up throughout the afternoon.

"A few ferries had passed us so we got a few waves and the water temperature was about 19 degrees, a little bit different to 30 at the pool," Chapman said.

"The first half I just cruised and then about two-thirds of the way through I a bit of sugar and stuff and went like a freight train.

"I thought I'd up the ante on that and I double my dose and went down hill and stuffed up the last round."

"There were 11 in the 50-59 age group, but overall there was about 90 swimmers I think so overall in the men's I think I came about 19th."