DEPUTY Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has labelled Central Queensland's share of the State Budget 2017-18 as 'hopeless and pathetic' in a scathing attack on the Palaszczuk Government.

During Federal Parliament's Question Time yesterday afternoon, Member for Capricornia asked Mr Joyce, who is also the Minister for Agriculture and Water Rescourced, to outline to the House the steps the government is taking to support employment in the agriculture sector in Queensland.

"Is the Deputy Prime Minister aware of any threats to existing and future jobs in regional Australia, particularly in my electorate of Capricornia?" Ms Landry asked.

Member for Capricornia did not appear impressed with the State Budget. Melanie Plane

In response, Mr Joyce launched a huge attack on the State Budget, specifically in relation to the lack of funding for the Rookwood Wier project.

"As far central Queensland is going, as the Queensland Labor Party's budget is going, well nothing is going to happen for central Queensland. It is hopeless. It is pathetic," Mr Joyce said.

"We have given them a project. We have put $130 million on the table for it and we put $2 million on the table for the business case. And what do they give? Nothing.

"At the very least, you think they would have something for Rookwood-something which would underpin the fact that we know that more water is desired from, required from that project than we actually have. It is oversubscribed. We know that it has an incredible return. We hear that the return on equity is around three times.

"But what we did here in the Queensland budget was a lot about Cross River Rail. For the Labor Party, it was always a budget for inner suburban Brisbane. That's what it was, a budget for inner suburban Brisbane."

Melanie Plane

Mr Joyce said the Labor Party had 'given up' on the working men and women of CQ.

"It's amazing how the Labor Party shadow minister for infrastructure, the member for Grayndler, had a chance today to come to the dispatch box and say that he supported inland rail and Labor had money on the table for inland rail," he said.

"But not only do they not allow him to have a question except once every six months or so; he does not have money for inland rail. There is no money for inland rail from the Labor Party. There is no money for Rookwood from the Labor Party.

"They do not have a belief in the working men and women of Central Queensland anymore. They have given up on the working men and women of Central Queensland. They have given on the coalminers at Carmichael. They have given up on the steelworkers at Whyalla. And they have given up on Central Queensland.

"The Queensland Labor Party today, in the budget they have just brought down, had a chance to show once more their belief in Central Queensland. And, once more, they have shown themselves to be completely lacking.

Mr Joyce said the Labor Party had 'lost sight' and had 'no vision' for Queensland.

"So I can say to the member for Flynn that, if he thinks the Labor Party are going to look after Central Queensland, he has no worries-because the Labor Party are doing nothing for Central Queensland," he said.

"And I say to the member for Capricornia that you do not have to worry about the Labor Party coming in and showering Rockhampton with gifts-because they are doing nothing. They never did Rookwood Weir.

"I say to all members in Central Queensland it is a shame that the Labor Party have lost sight of labourers, lost sight of water infrastructure and lost sight of the inland rail. They have no vision for Queensland. They have no vision for Australia. They have no vision-except for the Cross River Rail!"