WATCH AND ACT: CQ locals on high alert

BANANA Shire residents were on high alert yesterday as a large, out of control bushfire threatened properties.

About 8am, a Watch and Act official alert was issued by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services due to a large, fast moving fire in Palm Grove National Park, Presho State Forest and Theodore State Forest in the vicinity of Corrada Rd, Theodore about 200km south west of Gladstone.

As the fire was moving quickly, firefighters were experiencing difficulty in controlling it.

Precautionary backburning efforts to fight the Gladstone-Benaraby Rd fire.
THREAT OVER: Immediate threat of fires have passed, for now. Luka Kauzlaric

Residents in the vicinity of Theodore, Corrada, Red Hills, Gwambegwine, Ghinghinda, Burnley, Stonecroft, Onedin, Delargun, Orana Park, Rangeview, Kimberley and Arcoona were strongly advised to prepare to relocate to a safer area if required.

But about 10.30am, residents gave a sigh of relief as the Watch and Act advice was cancelled thanks to the work of fire crews.

At 2pm yesterday, multiple Rural Fire Service and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service fire crews were working to contain the blaze.

Residents south-west of Theodore, near Corrada Rd were advised of a smoke haze affecting the area and urged to close their windows and doors and if suffering from respiratory illness, keep medications close by.

Rural properties in the vicinity of Corrada Rd were urged to review their Bushfire Survival Plans and take the necessary precautions ahead of the heightened fire conditions forecast during the coming days.