Was Parkinson’s linked to Carla Zampatti’s fall?


Carla Zampatti was coming to terms with the onset of Parkinson's disease prior to her death, friends of the designer have told this column.

As the shock of the designer's untimely death at age 78 was replaced with grief last week, several friends and associates sought to answer the question her grief-stricken children are reluctant to discuss with media.


Proud, feisty, and working to the end, Zampatti's friends say the designer had been keeping her illness to herself, although the symptoms had become more pronounced during the past year.

When approached to comment on the illness talk yesterday, Zampatti's family offered no denial, but through a spokeswoman repeated an earlier statement: "On Carla's last day, she was doing exactly what she loved. She looked glamorous and powerful. She was surrounded by friends and enjoying a wonderful opera. She would very much enjoy being remembered that way."

Early onset Parkinson's symptoms include tremors, muscle rigidity and stiffness in arms and legs - "people sometimes say their feet seem stuck to the floor" cites the parkinson.org website - postural instability and dizziness or fainting.

Zampatti died one week after sustaining a head injury falling down stairs at an outdoor opera in Sydney.


Originally published as Was Parkinson's linked to Carla Zampatti's fall?