Politicians continue to show their ignorance

THERE'S an old adage that goes something like this: ignorant people use their ignorance as a platform from which to attack the informed views of others.

In recent times in Australia we've seen this in glaring in technicolour from politicians of all persuasions.

Recently we had the two leaders of the Coalition ranks in the Senate trying to outdo each other in crass ignorance.

First there was George Brandis, who decided in his wisdom that everybody has a right to express abject bigotry.

That was before Prime Minister Tony Abbott left him and the rest of Cabinet stranded when he announced to the media that he was going to break another election promise and abandon the repeal of the Freedom of Speech legislation.

Brandis is 2IC to another rabid Christian, Coalition Senate Leader Eric Albetz, who seemed intent on one upmanship when he announced that science supported as "fact" a link between abortion and breast cancer.

Not to be outdone, last Wednesday the man who is in charge of fiscal policy in this country, Treasurer Joe Hockey, waded into the contest of who is the biggest dunce in our Parliament with his comment that the poor in Australia are not going to be affected by the six-monthly indexation of the fuel excise because they can't afford to own cars.

I assume he thinks that they can't afford to eat either, so they won't be affected at the checkout by inevitable price rises because of increased costs in transport.

Or public transport, assuming they have access to it. Some of our poorest live in the sticks.

Not a lot of public transport in the arid west, their alternative being to drive at fuel prices already inflated because of delivery costs.

I became almost ultra-sensitive to the way ignoramuses are intent on ramming their warped ideas down other people's throats.

Am I out of line in saying that we seem to be led by ignorant people reading from the manifesto of their own ignorance all over the globe?

Bob Lamont is director of Corporate Accountants situated at the Night Owl centre. He can be contacted on boblamont 1947@gmail.com.