AGELESS ASH: Ashley Dodd on the break back in 2017. He's still doing it.
AGELESS ASH: Ashley Dodd on the break back in 2017. He's still doing it. Paul Braven GLA020416LEAGUEM

Wallabys veterans and youth steal the show in big win

RUGBY LEAGUE: Wallaby's rebounded in the best possible fashion with a 48-4 win against Tannum Seagulls at Dennis Park on Saturday night.

After a big loss against Gladstone Brothers the previous week, Wallabys coach Norm Horan expected a response and he got one.

"We played really well unlike the previous week and we just went back to basics," he said.

Lenny Kris and Chase Gourley score a hat-trick of tries each in the one-sided contest.

With just three minor rounds left, Wallabys team can now set their sights on a cut-throat final most likely against Gladstone Valleys next month.

In a three-team finals format, Gladstone Brothers look set to qualify for the grand final against most likely against the winner of Wallabys or Valleys.

Horan said Wallabys got on top around the edges as Wallabys used their leg speed.

"We drew in their defence and then exploited them on the edges," he said.

"For us William Waia got man of the match and he made some barnstorming runs. "Our middle and front rowers played really well."

Veterans Ashley Dodd and Jason Batchelor also performed as per usual.

Wallaby's Jason Batchelor is tackled by Gladstone Brothers.
EVERGREEN: Wallaby's Jason Batchelor keeps on keeping on. Matt Taylor GLA240319LEAG

"Batch played his normal sort of stoic game and he's had a really good year actually," Horan said. "Ashley played really well and he doesn't look like he ages, but I'm sure he feels it after games."

Wallabys will enjoy the bye this weekend while Gladstone Valleys and Brothers will do battle in a top-of-the-table clash.

Wallabys have another winnable game against Calliope Roosters in round 20 on August 24 and Valleys take on Seagulls that same round.

Brothers will meet Tannum Seagulls and Valleys have a date against Wallabys in the final round which is a round 16 catch-up round on August 31.