BRUCE and Denise Morcombe admit they will have mixed feelings when they lead tomorrow morning's Walk For Daniel.

On one hand they will be buoyed by the support of more than a thousand supporters decked out in red for the annual event.

But they are also well aware they are walking the same route their son Daniel took in the hours before he was abducted and killed.

"We don't want it to be a sad occasion but we need to remember what we are there for," Bruce said.

"We can't forget that the whole Daniel Morcombe Foundation exists because Daniel was abducted.

"His abduction is the very reason we will be there.

"We don't want it to be sad but we want people to reflect on the origins of the day.

"Of course, the starting point (at Suncoast Christian College) is basically at the abduction site and the route is back to our (former) home.

"But we don't need to remind people of that - it's the reason they are there."

More than a thousand supporters were decked out in red at the annual event
More than a thousand supporters were decked out in red at the annual event Warren Lynam

The walk, which attracts a broad cross-section of participants including business people, politicians and hundreds of schoolchildren, kicks off a range of Day For Daniel activities across Australia.

Bruce and Denise were on the Gold Coast yesterday, continuing their program of school visits promoting child safety.

On any given week they can visit up to 10 schools and on one memorable day recently spoke to students from 20 schools in two days in the Riverina area of NSW.

That's probably why a record 2000 schools will be participating in Day For Daniel activities tomorrow - 600 more than last year.

"The support we get is heart-warming and we are really looking forward to catching up with everyone on Friday morning," Denise said.

"It's encouraging to see how many people turn out.

"It's been nearly 12 years and the support is growing every year.

"It's really nice to know that people still want to support us."


  • Sausage sizzle starts 6am at Suncoast Christian College.
  • Walk starts 6.30am.
  • Walk finishes at Palmwoods 8.30am .
  • Parking at Jubilee Oval, Palmwoods with shuttle buses to start.