IF you're planning to vote early prepare to be bombarded with how to vote cards and candidates making the most of the last moments before ballots go into the box.

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More than 500 people have already cast their vote at the pre-polling booth on Hanson Rd and before the week is out 5000 more are expected to do the same ahead of Saturday's election.

Five minutes was the average time each of this morning's voters spent in the booth making their selection on eight councillors, a mayor and the state referendum.

For some it was a tough selection with many "unknown" names on the ballot paper.

Steven and Kylie Heit took their time to make a decision. 

Kylie said while she had seen the candidates' photos around town, she wasn't 100 per cent clear on what they all stood for, which made the decision more difficult. 

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"I voted for the people I already knew," Kylie, who has been living in Gladstone for six years, said.

"I have done some research and took note of what each of them says they're going to do for the community. That's important for me, I want leaders who support residents."

For husband Steven, candidates passionate about creating more work opportunities for Gladstone scored his vote.

He says while job creation isn't necessarily a local government responsibility, he wants to see a council eager to facilitate discussions with companies considering setting up here.

"I want proactive people in the council." 

Others, like Gus and June Koncina, had it all worked out before they went in.

Development, jobs and leadership were among the major issues leading voters' decisions and being well known around the community for the past few years seemed to make a difference.

Mr Koncina just wants to see "good people" elected to the council.

He's willing to wait until after the election to decide if he's made the right decision.

"We'll have to wait and see how they behave once they are elected," Mr Konica said.

Not enrolled? 

IF you find that you aren't listed on the electoral roll you can still cast your vote by filling out a new enrolment form. However this must be finalised before Friday. 

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