HAPPY TO HELP: Evacuation Centre volunteers Maxine Brushe and Global Care's Trish Adlam.
HAPPY TO HELP: Evacuation Centre volunteers Maxine Brushe and Global Care's Trish Adlam. Greg Bray

Volunteers more used to dealing with floods than fires

EVACUATION centre volunteers Maxine Brushe and Trish Adlam are more used to dealing with floods than fires.

"It's so different this time," Mrs Brushe said.

"It really is a totally different feeling.

"We don't know what's going on outside, it's like we're in a cone of silence at the moment.

"But we've seen the results of how the fires have affected people."

On Wednesday afternoon a fast moving bushfire forced the evacuation of home-owners in Ambrose and Mount Larcom to the north of Gladstone.

In the meantime Gladstone Regional Council staff and volunteers transformed the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre into an emergency evacuation centre.

"It may not be home, but this is an excellent place to come to," Mrs Adlam said.

"The council pound and the entertainment centre have also done an excellent job of setting up an area for anyone with pets.

"They even bought in food and water for them."

Mrs Adlam is a member of Global Care part of the International Network of Churches.

"We put our names forward as soon as possible to volunteer," she said.

"We work with the SES to help them with organising the shelter."

Mrs Brushe said quite a few people had come and gone.

"A lot of people have been picked up," she said.

"As good as this facility is, the best place is with family or friends who can provide a lot of emotional support."

Mrs Adlam said the GECC can cater for 100 people.

"We had over 70 during the last flood event," she said.

"There were a lot of kids then too.

"Fortunately there was supposed to be a big function here that night for Liz Cunningham's farewell, so all the food went to a great cause."

Mount Larcom and Ambrose residents were able to return to their homes as of 8.30am Thursday morning.

The Miriam Vale and Agnes Water Community Centres remain open.

For more information visit the Gladstone Regional Council website or Facebook page.