Gladstone Volunteer Marine Rescue, Gladstone 1 VMR.
Gladstone Volunteer Marine Rescue, Gladstone 1 VMR.

VMR Gladstone’s reminder for all boaties

VMR Gladstone is reminding boaties to always be prepared for breakdowns and to have a backup plan for when something goes wrong out on the water.

On Saturday, VMR Gladstone was called out to assist a vessel that had run onto a sandbar, causing water to enter the boat and damage the electrical system.

Public relations officer Peter Cameron said the skipper was unsure of his precise location at the time of making contact with the duty controller at the VMR base.

“The vessel’s electrical system shut down and the skipper had no way of bailing out the water beneath the floor,” Mr Cameron said.

“He had phone range so (the duty controller) got him to download an app that gave him his latitude and longitude.”

The duty controller was then able to advise the skipper on how to motor back to the mainland.

Mr Cameron said it was important for skippers to carry with them an alternative navigating device.

“If you’ve got an electronic navigating device, also have a compass because they don’t break down,” he said.

Mr Cameron said it was a regular occurrence for skippers to go out on the water unprepared.

“Before going out on the water, consider what can you do if your systems fail and always have a backup ready,” he said.

“Check your equipment before you go out and make sure your fuel lines and your filters are all good and up to date.”

He said it was also important to check trailer bearings and hubs.

Mr Cameron said any vessels heading out on the water should log on to VHF channel 82.

While also out on the water in Keppel Bay at the weekend, two fishermen picked up a sea turtle that was unable to dive and took it to the Coast Guard at Rosslyn Bay.

It was later collected by the staff at Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.