Violent reputation of notorious bikie Les ‘Grumpy’ Sharman


LES "Grumpy" Sharman spent more than 20 years as an integral member of the Finks, amassing a violent reputation and a lengthy criminal history.

Sharman died in late 2018 at age 60 after a car crash in the Numinbah Valley.

Police issued warnings ahead of his funeral concerned about the number of bikies attending the memorial service in Nerang.

The Finks life member was dating Tina Greer when she ­disappeared in early 2012.

Despite numerous attempts, Sharman never spoke to police about her disappearance.

Les 'Grumpy' Sharman. Picture: Facebook
Les 'Grumpy' Sharman. Picture: Facebook

In a separate raid 15 years before her death, Sharman hurled drawers and hammered his fists on benchtops as police searched his home.

"Five o'clock in the morning and you're coming into my f***ing house man, and you can pay me some mother-f***ing respect," he yelled.

He also told police: "You say things about home invasions (but) you know, youse are the f***en masters of it."


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During that search police found a 150,000 volt taser ­beside his bed.

Asked if it worked, Sharman said: "Here's your friend, try it. It'll hold him but it won't kill him."

Sharman was also one of 12 bikies to be charged with the violent murder of a man in 1996. Charges were soon dropped after it was determined there was not enough evidence to convict him.

Despite his lengthy and at times violent past his previous lawyer Campbell MacCallum, of Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers, described him as "polite" and "loyal".

"He was very abrupt and sharp but he was always polite," he said.

Mr MacCallum said a ­majority of the offences he ­represented Sharman for were related to driving offences.

He said Sharman had a rough exterior but always put his family first and was patient.

Sharman's criminal history was lengthy but mainly consisted of common assault, driving offences, drug charges and possessing stolen property.

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