Violent rape of stranger asleep in bed a 'putrid crime'

AN ICE-FUELLED rapist apologised to the victim of his "putrid crime" when he faced justice this week.

The 23-year-old woman was a stranger to her attacker Andrew Clayton, who drove into her yard, got out of his car naked and entered her home before violently raping her while she was still in bed.

Clayton fled on foot, grabbing the woman's T-shirt and a pair of boardshorts to wear on his way out.

Bizarrely, the drug-addled rapist left behind his white Holden Commodore, which was parked across the entry to her home.

Clayton's brazen crime took place at 8.30am, with Ipswich District Court hearing that he attempted to take his own life with a drug overdose the night before, fearing he was the target of a violent bikie gang.

Crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer said police found Clayton less than 1km away from the crime scene, where he told them that he'd, "f--ked up and wanted to die".

Andrew Geoffrey Clayton, 48, a tradesman who had been living at Gatton and Peak Crossing, pleaded guilty to six charges, including rape on January 8, 2017; assault causing bodily harm; assault; burglary; and two counts of possession of illicit drugs cocaine and ice.

Mr Anoozer said Clayton opened an unlocked screen door and timber door to enter the house.

The woman woke to find Clayton in her bed naked.

She tried to run but he chased her, grabbing her by the neck and mouth.

He threatened to kill her if she screamed and pushed her face into a pillow.

When police examined the abandoned car, officers found plastic clip-seal bags that held 5.8g of ice, and remnants of cocaine.

The Crown sought for a Serious Violent Declaration to be made.

"He was a mature man, aged 46, who raped a stranger in her own home where she was entitled to feel safe," Mr Anoozer said.

Defence barrister Jessica Horne said Clayton had expressed his shame to a psychiatrist.

"He says it was a putrid thing to do, and has written her a letter of apology," she said.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC outlined more facts of violence, saying the woman was punched, her arm twisted into an arm-lock while continuing to try to flee her attacker.

Judge Lynch said the victim suffers flashbacks, the loss of employment, and ongoing psychological harm.

"It was obviously a frightening, horrifying experience," he said.

Judge Lynch said he found the crime warranted a 10-year jail term.

Clayton had already spent 820 days in jail.

Declared a serious violent offender, he must serve 80 per cent of his sentence before being eligible for parole release.

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