Incident-filled week shows violent crimes still an issue

WHILE Gladstone Police started to make inroads into drug-related crime in the area, violent crimes still pose a problem if the past week was any indication.

On Monday, a man was sentenced to prison after leading police on a chase which exceeded 130 km/h on Kirkwood Rd.

A week of constant synthetic drug use prior to the chase was the excuse offered by the offender, who was sentenced to prison by Magistrate Warfield, with the first date he is eligible to apply for parole not until December 2 this year.

Tuesday saw a parade of mentions as part of the recently closed Operation Kilo Prophecy, with the majority of those that appeared granted bail, set to reappear later in the year.

Also on Tuesday, a man was handed down an 18-month suspended sentence after the self-confessed alcoholic was found guilty of assaulting a female police officer as she tried to arrest him.

It turned out to be a busy day for local law enforcement, with a routine traffic stop on Gladstone-Benaraby Rd leading officers on a dirty afternoon as a 37-year-old man fled into nearby mudflats.

The man was eventually located deep in mangrove trees, and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service officers were called to extricate the man from his muddy hiding place.

He appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Wednesday, facing charges which included a major possession of a dangerous drug charge as well as others including evading police officers.

Police alleged the man was in possession of 8g of amphetamine, found in the vehicle, a serious offence which carried a maximum penalty of 40 years imprisonment.

Wednesday night the crime escalated, with 58-year-old local Russell Spencer held at knifepoint by an armed thug who entered the rear door of his car while Mr Spencer was stopped at the lights at Toolooa and Derby St about 6pm.

The offender asked Mr Spencer for money, before he forced the driver to take him to a Dalrymple Dr address where he bailed out.

After he punched Mr Spencer, the offender was last seen running towards the park, and police have asked for public assistance, concerned at the violent nature of the crime.