Violence must not be swept under carpet

VIOLENCE is abhorrent.

Domestic violence and violence against women is even more so.

It's actually cowardly, but its incidence is becoming more and more frequent.

There is no way that any woman should have to put up with violence, whether it be in the home or anywhere else.

And that's what Reclaim the Night is all about - giving women the confidence to be able to go through life not having to be fearful of being attacked.

Gone are the days when women have to consider it's their lot to be bashed, beaten and abused in any circumstance.

And gone are the days when it will be tolerated by society.

There's an old saying about what goes on behind closed doors, but it's time every single person took notice of what's happening next door - and did something about it when they can see that all is not right.

Violence cannot and should not be swept under the carpet.

Nor should it be regarded as someone else's problem.

It's everyone's concern.