A  videographer performed gross sex acts in front of random women.
A videographer performed gross sex acts in front of random women.

Vile acts land serial pervert videographer behind bars

A videographer who exposed his erect penis to a radiographer and stimulated his flaccid penis in front of two Brazilian wax technicians blew teary kisses and called out "I love you" to his partner as he was taken into custody at court on Tuesday.

Appearing at the Cleveland Magistrates Court Yianni Greco Kothroulas, 30, was fined $1800 and sentenced to a four-month intensive corrections order to be served in the community with three years' probation Tuesday morning but was subsequently brought back to court in the afternoon to face an additional charge for masturbating in public for which he was ultimately jailed for one month.

The Cleveland man pleaded guilty to a string of charges including two counts of committing an indecent act in any place with intent to insult or offend any person, one count of fraud and a count of committing an indecent act in any place to which the public has access.

The court heard the New Zealand national and Australian permanent resident had specifically requested a female radiographer for an April 18, 2018 appointment at Oz Radiology Carina.

Booked for a scan of his knee Kothroulas wore no underwear with jeans so tight an examination necessitated their removal and wearing of a gown.

Yianni Kothroulas jailed for serial public exposure. Picture: Supplied
Yianni Kothroulas jailed for serial public exposure. Picture: Supplied

The court heard Kothroulas purposely exposed his testicles to the 30-year-old radiographer and later dropped his gown on the floor to reveal his erect penis.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Duncan Blackburn said the deeply offended and disgusted victim reported the incident to her manager.

The court heard on June 10 of this year the defendant attended Wax It at Robina Town Centre for a male Brazilian wax, where he left pre-ejaculate on a towel after being observed by two wax technicians as he stimulated his flaccid penis under a towel during the procedure.

Kothroulas would be charged with fraud over the incident after claiming to have forgotten his wallet and leaving the business without paying.

Sen Sgt Blackburn said the defendant had a history of such "totally unacceptable and disgusting" offending which included being sentenced to two-years' probation in 2015 for exposing a woman on a bus to his penis when he pulled his phallus out of his pants' waistline while seated.

It was for these offences that Kothroulas would be fined and given an intensive corrections order, however the defendant was escorted back to the court by police to face a further charge and additional sentencing.

During the afternoon hearing the court heard Kothroulas was captured on CCTV masturbating "in full view of the public" with his hand in his pants at around 2.10pm on Sunday, August 9 at the Newmarket Railway Station.

The court heard still images of the footage showed Kothroulas masturbating while seated on a stairwell at the station.

Defence solicitor Lejla Pehlivanovic said her client's offending was triggered by anxiety during the pandemic but admitted to not understanding how that related to his behaviour.

This did little to satisfy Magistrate Vasta who told the court the defendant had not once sought medical treatment for his sexual perversions which were aroused by exposure to the public.

The magistrate said courts took a particularly dim view of what was by no means victimless crimes and condemned Kothroulas for treating his victims as if they were sex workers.

Magistrate Vasta said the man's offending was aggravated by his lack of remorse and for wasting taxpayers' money on a trial only to have it cancelled when he couldn't cross-examine his victim.

Kothroulas was ultimately sentenced to three months' jail of which he will serve one month suspended over 18 months. Convictions were recorded.

Magistrate Vasta said she hoped the defendant's time in jail would serve as a powerful memory that might jolt him out of whatever sexual trance he may find himself in future.

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