MAFS harassment: ‘Switch the genders, there’d be outrage’

Wednesday night's long-awaited first MAFS dinner party was in a word ... wild.

With at least two clearly doomed couples, a wife who flirted up a storm, and more than one mention of a very explicit curse word, it did not disappoint viewers hungry for the dinner party drama we've come to know and love.

But there was one moment that left a sour taste.

This year's most controversial bride Hayley, whose falling out with David on their honeymoon left the couple's bond seemingly broken beyond repair, appeared to forcibly grab her husband's face in an attempt to kiss him, while he repeatedly told her to stop.



James Weir is joined by Sami Lukis and Marieke Hardy to pick apart tonight's drunken #MAFS dinner party. Join in the conversation below!

Posted by on Tuesday, 11 February 2020


David looked uncomfortable as Hayley swung her legs over him. Picture: Channel 9.
David looked uncomfortable as Hayley swung her legs over him. Picture: Channel 9.

"Give me a kiss! Give me one," Hayley demanded.

"Why are you trying to give me kisses now? No!," David, 31, responded.

"You've just gotta give me some time," he added, as she continued to pull him towards her.

David, clearly uncomfortable as he recoiled from her advances, left the private chat despondent and confused by Hayley's sudden, and rather aggressive, display of affection, pointing out to the rest of the table that the struggle left a mark.

David later pointed out a faint scratch on his face where Hayley had grabbed him. Picture: Channel 9.
David later pointed out a faint scratch on his face where Hayley had grabbed him. Picture: Channel 9.

"Can you see the scratch on my face?," he asked the fellow grooms, as they looked back at him with shock.

Elsewhere, Hayley told the women at the table the interaction left her feeling "rejected".

"I took David aside tonight, but, like, I feel really bad - I feel really rejected," the 32-year-old finance broker said.

Viewers watching at home were quick to label the altercation potential harassment.

"Hayley is basically sexually harassing David right now," one said.

"If someone says no or that they're uncomfortable, listen. You don't get a free pass because you're a woman!"

Another likened it to Ines' fiery treatment of Bronson last season, which saw her yell at him several times to "shut up" on their honeymoon.








Later in the episode, the outspoken bride called Aleks' husband Ivan a c*** for approaching her at the table to probe - and seemingly stir the pot.


Last week, Hayley and David's honeymoon ended abruptly, with the truck driver storming out of their hotel room asserting that he would "run to the airport until his feet bled" from his bride.

The two had bickered over a flippant remark Hayley made about his $25 an hour salary "not cutting it" for her.

On Wednesday, footage emerged of David absolutely blasting his TV wife and the reality show's three experts in an expletive-laden video.

"They've matched me with a smoking, drug addict, tall woman that is inconsiderate and rude," he said in the video filmed on their honeymoon obtained by New Idea.


Speaking about the MAFS experts who paired him with Hayley, David said: "I am looking forward to taking the experts to task when I see them because they don't know f**king sh*t. Matched me with a drug addict, f**king smoker that's f**king tall. Who the f**k do they think they are? It's just bizarre that they think that was a person that I would fall in love with.

"I wouldn't buy the girl a f**king drink at the bar let alone marry her," he said. "They couldn't organise a f**king root in a brothel, let me tell ya."


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