VIDEO: Teachers shake off coronavirus blues with viral dance

WHAT started as a fun video among staff, students and parents at South Grafton High School has gone viral, with other Clarence schools taking up the latest social media dance challenge to spread some joy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Head teacher of wellbeing at South Grafton High School Sarah Dewberry said their staff were thinking of ways to engage with their students who were learning from home when they thought of creating a dance challenge.

"I went around to as many staff members at the school as I could and put them on the spot, told them we were trying to make our students smile and then filmed them dancing," she said.

With the help of learning and support/technology teacher Nathan Martin the video was edited together and shared on the school's Facebook page last week. Since then it's been viewed more than 5000 times on YouTube.

"The challenge was coming from the angle of that we're in crazy times so let's do something fun. I've been blown away with the response. We were just trying to make our students smile and the positive comments from everyone have been amazing.

"It's been a stressful time for teachers as well as students and parents who are now trying to homeschool. I think people have a new appreciation for us teachers."

Not to be outdone other schools have now jumped on board with the challenge and filmed their own teachers and staff dancing to spread the joy.

Grafton Public School incorporated an important social distancing message into the challenge, which has been viewed more than 7000 times on the Safe YouTube platform.

"Everyone's missing their students and the South Grafton High video really made a lot of people smile," Grafton Public School principal Michelle McDonagh said.

"We shared their video and then we had our students and parents asking us to do something as well.

"Since the social distancing measures have come in we've tried to make it as fun as possible, keep it lighthearted and not stress everyone out.

"The response has been great, we've had a lot of lovely comments and messages so it's been a real positive."

Westlawn Public School and Tucabia Public School have also shared their own contributions to help spread the only viral sensation supported by the community.