Video stores go down the tube as digital age takes hold

INTERNET killed the video store - or so it seems in Gladstone.

With the digital age in full swing, Gladstone movie-lovers are more likely to download films and TV shows online than rent them out at their local video store.

Leading Edge Video in South Gladstone announced it was closing last month.

Video Ezy at the Windmill Centre has been listed on the market and Network Video in Calliope has closed its doors.

Leading Edge Video co-owner Shannon Williams said while the closures were "a sign of the times", people still enjoyed going to the video store.

"We are still doing pretty good with the closing down sale. Weekends are pretty busy," Williams said.

"People still like having a physical product."

And Gladstone Observer Facebook users agree.

"I enjoy going and picking out a DVD and having it for the whole day and night. Online ones generally have a certain time limit to watch," Jessica Rashleigh said.

"Personally I would rather have a video shop."

There are positives to hiring hard-copy DVDs.

"File and sound quality is not the same as a hard copy disc, like blu-ray or DVD," Shane Pittendreigh told The Observer.

Leading Edge Electronics in Gladstone has seen a spike in the sale of external hard drives.

Sales assistant Jay Booth said people were buying hard drives to use for downloading music and movies online.

Network Video, Sun Valley; Civic Video, Gladstone; Blockbuster and C&J Leading Edge Video, Tannum Sands remain open.