A MOTORIST driving in Toowoomba has survived a close call after another driver ignored a red light and nearly side-swiped him.

Pete Aiken posted a video to a popular Toowoomba traffic site that showed the incident.

His car, which had other passengers, approached the intersection of Hill and Clifford Sts, which had a red light.

As the light turned green and he prepared to turn right into Clifford St, a woman in the car gasped with fear.

The two cars nearly collide on Clifford St.

He stopped the car just in time before a sedan drove through the intersection from the right.

Mr Aiken beeped at the car to warn the other driver of their dangerous actions.

"How to NOT use a set of traffic lights," he wrote.

"If this is you do everyone a favour and walk."

Mr Aiken told The Chronicle the driver didn't even look like slowing down.

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"I had my partner and my two daughters in the car with me, I wasn't very impressed."

The Toowoomba man said he had a message for distracted drivers.

"Just always be aware, for everyone's sake."