A still from a Peruvian video going viral,
A still from a Peruvian video going viral, "Whistling at your mother"

VIDEO: Show tricks men into cat-calling their mothers

A CLIP from a Peruvian TV show which tricked lascivious men into cat-calling their own mothers has gone viral.

It highlights a serious issue with the treatment of women in Peru.

As Dr Jelke Boesten, of King's College London's Development Institute points out, sexual violence and sexual harassment is a serious problem in the country generally and in the capital, Lima.

A recent WHO study found 61 per cent of women in provincial Peru had experienced physical violence from a male partner and the UN highlighted the problem of sexual harassment in Peru last July.

"It's embarrassing and funny at the same time," she told i100.co.uk.

"It's women trying to make fun and bring a message home about the ridiculousness and seriousness of catcalling and sexual harassment.

"The mother thing is interesting with the perspective of a Catholic patriarchal society.

"There's a double standard around mothers on one hand as being untouchable and women in general."

Dr Boesten added many of her Facebook friends from Lima have been sharing the video.

"There is increasing resistance from a broader section of society that realise it's unacceptable," she said.

Separately Sheffield University Professor of Latin American studies David Wood told i100.co.uk that catcalling was "a fairly common phenomenon in Peru and here too".

"It's part of a broader picture of apparently being acceptable of a certain section of society in Lima to express yourself so honestly in public."