STORM FRONT: Residents witnessed an intense storm brewing near Mount Larcom.
STORM FRONT: Residents witnessed an intense storm brewing near Mount Larcom. Ron Nugter

VIDEO: Mount Larcom residents caught in surprise hailstorm

YESTERDAY'S short-lived storm was one of the biggest seen recently near Mount Larcom, but residents say it wasn't enough to rejuvenate the dry land.

Initial reports of a storm system were confirmed shortly after 3pm with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing a warning for the Mount Larcom region a short time after.

Bracewell resident Carolyn Dunstan said the storm brought 23mm of rain within 20 minutes.

"It's so dry here at the moment. We're tossing up about selling cattle," she said.

Mount Larcom Storm Video 1: Bracewell resident Carolyn Dunstan recorded footage of yesterday's storms at Mount Larcom

She said they were hopeful for a decent downpour to help the region recovery from the recent bushfires, but the heavy rain lasted less than half an hour.

"People all around us are needing rain desperately for their paddocks to grow after the fires," she said.

Mrs Dunstan said they also received large hail during the quick and heavy storm.

"We just heard a little bit of thunder and lightning - then we had sideways rain," she said.

"It was really hard rain and five seconds later, it started hailing.

"It was the biggest hail that I've seen here in Bracewell.

"We heard it on the roof first - then rushed outside and we could see the hail bouncing off the trampoline."

Mount Larcom resident Karen Johnston said while only 8mm of rain fell at her property, she was pleased to if after about a month of dry weather.

"We got 108mm just before Christmas, and that was a godsend," she said.

"But then we got nothing more - (so yesterday's rain) was really good.

"We just need more rain to follow up now.

"If we don't get rain soon, the grass isn't going to grow, it's not going to go to feed and we got nothing to keep us going."

In Ms Johnston's video posted on The Observer's Facebook page, burnt trees from the bush fires are still visible.

Mount Larcom Storm Video 2: Mt Larcom resident Karen Johnson recorded footage of yesterday's storms.

The Bureau predicts no more rain for the rest of the week with partly cloudy days and maximum temperatures in the low 30s.