Kayaker fights off hammerhead shark with paddle

VIDEO: "I just beat up a shark, how was your day?"

A KAYAKER has had to fight off an enormous hammerhead shark off a California beach, using his paddle to fight off the biting predator.

Mark McCracken posted the video -- captured from his helmet -- following a day fishing for bonito off Gaviota State Beach.

He said he was shocked after he felt his kayak was knocked from behind.

He describes what happened on his YouTube account:

"I turned around to see a very aggressive hammerhead shark ramming/biting my kayak and decided I needed to defend myself.

"I hit the shark over and over and over with my paddle before he finally settled down.

"He then stalked me all the way back to shore, occasionally approaching me again and receiving another paddle to the face."

Mr McCracken shrugged off the danger posed by the shark though, ending his tale with a chuckle.

"Even after I was on shore, he remained in about 4 feet of water pacing back and forth like he was just waiting for round #2. Haha."