A meteor lit up skies over Victoria and South Australia last night.
A meteor lit up skies over Victoria and South Australia last night.

‘Sonic boom’ as meteor lights up sky

Experts say the object that burst through the night sky over Victoria and South Australia yesterday was likely a meteor.

Days after a meteor lit up the sky over Alice Springs, security cameras and dashcams across both states recorded a similar sighting.

Shortly after 10pm in Victoria, a bright white light was spotted at several locations.

It began as a small object and then turned the whole sky bright white.

The same object was seen at several different sites across South Australia, where one Facebook user described it as "like a comet with flames".

"The whole night sky glowed a brilliant orange," Katie Wahlheim said.

Andy, from Cranbourne, in Victoria's southeast, told 3AW he was shocked by what he saw.

"I did a bit of a double take. I thought it was there a minute ago, it's not there now, it must've been a meteor."

He said he saw a "white, yellowish" flash when it crossed the horizon.

The light display was described by Astronomical Association of Victoria as "not as bright as Venus, but brighter than Jupiter".

Astronomer David Finlay told the ABC the meteor "vaporised" over South Australia.

"It's pretty obvious that it's a meteor," Mr Findlay, from the Australia Meteor Report group, said.

"It's a small asteroid that's created this and has started to vaporise over the skies of South Australia.

"From every indication so far, the bits of dashcam footage coming, and importantly, the reports of a sonic boom, all those are evidence that lead us to believe that this may have survived to the ground."

Judith Bailey, the manager of the Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum, told The Courier it was considered a "fireball".

"It could easily be a sporadic meteor, and not related to a meteor shower, just one rock which the earth has intercepted in its orbit around the sun," she said.

"It was very spectacular. It definitely pays to keep your eyes open."