How to go from day to night according to make-up artist Leesa Barr

CORINNE Wright's innate sense of style and her love of fashion have led friends to ask her for her help - and her clothes - when big events come around.

We asked her to help with that age-old question: How to make a day outfit party-ready?


  • Day: Lots of people like to wear black to work, so I just like a onesie. They're always really cute. The way to inject some of your personality into a black outfit is to add colour. This season, lots of brights and fluoros are in and I think yellow works really well with black. Add a jacket, a skinny belt and co-ordinate with some plastic bangles.
  • Night: Black is great for night. Add jewellery and a little glitter and glam. Co-ordinate with funky hair and night make-up.
  • Day: Most offices have a casual work Friday. So a white T-shirt and jeans go well together with a bit of colour.
  • Tip: When you find a pair of jeans you really like, buy two. One dark pair and one lighter.
  • Night: Leopard print is great for night-time. Co-ordinate with constrasting colours and a bit of sparkle. I love lots of layered jewellery - I think it adds glamour.

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Local makeup artist Leesa Barr.
Local makeup artist Leesa Barr. Tom Huntley

Good looks that stay all day

MAKE-UP is fun, but it's also a learning process.

Leesa Barr knows all the tricks and demonstrates a daytime look that stays put all day.

"Day looks are a lot more natural," she said.

"I think really you want to give the best possible version of yourself."

For night, it's just a simple update - great when you're rushing - and Leesa shows off a cool trick.

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