'Very evasive': Man's warning after close call with phone scam

CALLIOPE man Michael Harrigan was smart enough to smell the phone scam and hang up but he's worried other people might be duped.

Mr Harrigan received a phone call telling him he had been involved in a car crash.

However, when he said that was untrue, they told him it was actually a family member.

That was when Mr Harrigan decided to hang up.

"I think it was all a big scam," he said.

Mr Harrigan believes the people calling him were the same as those that were reported on, in Monday's Courier Mail.

The paper reported that covert international cold calling syndicates were impersonating government officials and illegally obtaining vehicle accident records, so they could sell prospective litigation cases to lawyers.

"They've made a lot of money out of it apparently," Mr Harrigan said.

"But I didn't give them any time to find out anything from me."

Mr Harrigan said a friend of his from Tannum Sands received a similar phone call.

"My friend asked who they were, and they wouldn't speak up, they kept their voice very low and were very evasive," he said.

Mr Harrigan, who has an unlisted number, said whoever was behind the scam would just being go through as many Calliope numbers as they could.

This is not the first time, Mr Harrigan has received a phone call that was a scam.

"I think you just take it for granted now and you just put the phone down," he said.

"Some people are silly enough to engage them in conversation, they finish up getting convinced, and they lose a lot of money.

"It's just a matter of being alert and I'm afraid it's just a fact of life now."