The 360 Allstars will perform in Gladstone tonight.
The 360 Allstars will perform in Gladstone tonight. Alena Velikova

'Radical urban circus' performs in Gladstone tonight

A DIFFERENT type of circus is coming to Gladstone, ready to astound the audience with its crazy stunts.

360 Allstars is a theatrical performance exploring all forms of rotation.

The cast includes world champion athletes, world class dancers and world renowned musicians.

Organisers say the production connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical urban circus.

Replace acrobats with break dancers, substitute a basketball freestyler in place of a juggler, swap the unicyclist for a BMX flatlander, and exchange the hoop act for a Roue Cyr artist, and you get an idea of what you can expect to see.

The group will perform at the Gladstone Entertainment Centre on Tuesday night, March 10.

The cast has world champion athletes, world-class dancers and world-renowned musicians, break dancers, BMX rider and a Roue Cyr artist.

The performance starts at 7pm. Tickets are $30 for adults, $23 for children under 18 and $25 for a senior/pensioner.

Go to the GECC website for more details.