Ubobo residents are preparing a petition to decrease truck traffic through the town.
Ubobo residents are preparing a petition to decrease truck traffic through the town. Bruce Honeywill

'Very dangerous': Residents prepare to fight truck traffic

UBOBO residents are preparing a petition targeting the high volume of truck traffic on Gladstone Monto Rd.

General store owner Hugh Harvey and assistant Tammie Opie are leading the cause.

Ms Opie has witnessed dangerous driving from logging and mining trucks on the road.

"We're not happy with them speeding through the (Boyne) Valley and they're wrecking our roads," she said.

They are calling for an upgrade to a narrow 7km single-bitumen stretch of Gladstone Monto Rd between Nagoorin and Ubobo.

"If a truck is coming towards us, they're supposed to pull over half-way off the road but it's got to the point now that some of them don't even (move)," she said.

The petition will also push to decrease truck traffic, with Ms Opie estimating 70 trucks a day passing through the township from early morning to late at night.

"It's just very dangerous." she said. "It's not a road to be sharing with trucks - it's not a heavy haulage road."

Member for Callide Colin Boyce said while roads like Gladstone Monto Rd are for public use and trucks have a right to use it, conditions can be improved.

"The road is not up to the standard that one would hope it would be," Mr Boyce said.

"I would advocate to the Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey to make (upgrading a road) a priority and to do something about it."

Currently, contractors for logging company HQPlantation and mining company Melior Resources utilise the road to move goods.

Melior Resources CEO Mark McCauley said truck movement from Goondicum Mine, near Monto, to Gladstone only commenced last month.

"There have been up to 25 truck trips per day from the mine," Mr McCauley said.

"However, this trucking rate is temporary and in the next few weeks will significantly reduce to an average of around twelve truck trips per day."

If trucking contractors are found to be not driving safely, he said Melior will immediately stop working with them.

A spokeswoman for HQPlantations said there has been no increase of their truck volume of 30-35 loads per day on Gladstone Monto Rd.

The company has also implemented additional road safety measures including speed and location tracking, UHF radio call procedures, visible truck identifiers and a release interval to prevent convoys.

"A review of in-truck traffic data confirmed drivers had maintained a safe speed below the speed limit (through Ubobo)," she said.

Residents who want to participate in the petition can contact the Ubobo General Store on 4974 1135.