Country superstar Jason Aldean has been trolled for leaving the stage during the Las Vegas shooting.
Country superstar Jason Aldean has been trolled for leaving the stage during the Las Vegas shooting. Supplied

Vegas concert star called a ‘coward’

COUNTRY superstar Jason Aldean has been trolled for leaving the stage after shots were fired during his concert in Las Vegas.

Twitter users called Aldean a "coward" for rushing off the stage during the Route 91 Harvest Festival country music concert in Vegas without warning fans of impending danger.

"Jason Aldean ran off the stage not saying 1 words to the crowd to get out, like a coward ... really love the country eh?" @commanderinfunk wrote.

However social media was also filled with well wishes for Aldean and the victims of the tragedy, asking others to think what they'd do in the same situation.

Aldean, 40, has had 19 No. 1 on the US country charts and his last album They Don't Know debuted at No. 5 on the Australian album chart last year.

He toured Australia for the first time in March last year, playing the CMC Rocks festival in Queensland.

Aldean wrote on Instagram "Tonight has been beyond horrific. I still don't know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that me and my crew are safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight. It hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night."

He added the hashtags #heartbroken and #stopthehate.

Aldean has two children and his wife is pregnant with their third.


The comments come after Russell Brand has blasted American gun laws and "normalised" mass shootings in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting tragedy.

"It's interesting that America's ideas about freedom to purchase arms continues to hold the imagination so strongly even after Sandy Hook," Brand said, in a video he posted online today from the United States.

"It's sort of tragic that as I'm looking at this, I'm not thinking, 'What?! Fifty people have died?!' Instead, it's like 'one of those things has happened.' It is already normalised by virtue of the fact it happens a lot."

The British comedian - who cancelled a scheduled TV appearance to promote his new book on the US Today show following the tragedy - also debated what drove the violence.

"What is it that's bubbling up from under the surface in the form of violence of this kind?," Brand said, in the video posted on his Facebook page.

"I would argue that it's extreme unhappiness, extreme darkness, an unaddressed darkness.

"This social phenomena occurring this regularly and our ability to see it as kind of normal is an indication that we need to address the root cause, and the root cause is always the consciousness of human beings on an individual and social level.

"This won't stop happening unless we change our mentality."


Furious Good Morning Britain viewers have slammed the show's "bizarre" and "inappropriate" interview with Mariah Carey as "tasteless" and "unfair" after the star was put on the spot about the horror shooting in Las Vegas.

The Hero singer was due to chat to presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about her new tour, and was perched on her sofa alongside her huge Christmas tree.

Yet the angle of their interview switched when news of the Las Vegas massacre broke, with Mariah unaware of the shooting.

Mariah Carey was quizzed about the shooting on live television.
Mariah Carey was quizzed about the shooting on live television. ITV

Ahead of their chat, Piers, 52, explained Mariah knew the city "very well" after recently rounding off her music residency in the gambling hotspot.

He asked her about her instant reaction. Looking troubled, she said: "This is horrible. I pray for the victims."

As Piers showed her live scenes of the terrifying situation unfolding, she was stunned into silence.

Finally, she added: "That's awful. I pray for the victims. I hope all this can stop."

Put on the spot, she continued: "This type of thing happening anyway is a huge tragedy. I hope we have an end to this as soon as possible."

Viewers raged online at the awkward interview, with many criticising producers' decision to quiz Mariah about the shooting.

"So tasteless breaking the Vegas news to Mariah Carey live on TV, shame on you," one Twitter user wrote.

"Someone should have spoken to Mariah off air letting her know what was going on then postponed, instead of throwing that at her," another wrote.

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