FORCED REMOVAL: Sharon Wragge's grand-kids may have nowhere to play soon.
FORCED REMOVAL: Sharon Wragge's grand-kids may have nowhere to play soon. Aaron Goodwin

Vandals risk park's future

A STRING of vandalism attacks on a popular park may now cause equipment to be removed.

Melton Park has the been target of a long list of attacks from vandals, including damage to the toilets, the picnic shelters, tables and chairs and the playground equipment, ripping up the fake grass and soft fall and breaking the fence panels and posts.

The latest attack was last weekend when a large number of posts, which make up the fence bordering the maze, were snapped off and jammed under play equipment.

This left metal brackets sticking out of the ground, presenting a hazard to children and other users of the park's facilities.

"If these acts of vandalism continue council may have to consider removing the maze and other equipment from the park,” Banana Shire Council's Nev Ferrier said.

"It has cost council hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair and is taking up valuable man hours to ensure the damage is cleaned up and the park is made safe for the public.”

Grandmother Sharon Wragge often takes her grandkids to Melton Park to play and she's appalled by the vandalism.

"It's wrong and it shows no respect or care for our park,” Ms Wragge said.

"The little safari truck in what's left of the maze area has swear words written all over it and I'm disgusted by that!

"It's unbelievable what they do,” she said.

"We try to come every Thursday but now there's nothing to play on.”

Other residents took to Facebook to voice their frustration over damage to Melton Park.

Sue Ellen Walk:

The vandalism around town is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful. Walking through the park, the area next to drake's near the toilets and the skate park. People should be ashamed.

Leticia Moore:

You might as well remove what's left, there isn't much there just a mess for the young ones to hurt themselves, put an actual playground there that maze was hardly been used.

Andrew Walk:

There is a camera in the park like the skate park but it's not enough to deter them once Melton is closed they will do it elsewhere.

All incidents have been reported to the police who are investigating.