Valleys player Rhys Cooke is tackled by Seagulls in the weekend match.
Valleys player Rhys Cooke is tackled by Seagulls in the weekend match.

Valleys’ enjoy triple treat as Seagulls face another defeat

THE Valleys Rugby League A-grade side handed Tannum Seagulls yet another heavy defeat on Saturday night, running away with the match 46-0.

It was the third time the Valleys have toppled Tannum this season, and keeps them in third place behind Calliope and Wallabys.

"We were happy with the win," coach Andrew Hamilton said.

The Valleys have mustered a total of 138 points from the three encounters with the Seagulls, so this win came as little surprise.

Hamilton believes the score line does not reflect the match, however, with Tannum putting up more of a fight than the near 50-point difference suggests.

"The score line sounds flattering to us," Hamilton said. "It was a much tougher match; Tannum were very physical."

The Valleys pride themselves on having a strong defence, and they certainly have proved that, not giving up any points on the weekend and keeping Tannum to just 16 points in all three matches totalled.

"It was a really good game," Hamilton said. "It gave us the chance to work on our attack a bit.

"We are getting pretty strong across the park."

The Valleys next match promises to be the match of the round, a clash with Calliope who led the league by six points.

"It will be a tough battle. We are building a strong team looking towards the semi-finals; it will be good," Hamilton said.