CORRINE Warnick was on to a winner on Valentine's Day after she backed the first-place horse in the first race at the Gladstone Turf Club on Saturday.

But she knew she would have been regardless, dressed to the nines, with husband Ben in tow.

"We've got something a bit more romantic tomorrow, we're having a three-course meal and cooking it at home," Mrs Warnick said.

Danielle Frost and Melissa Ireland have only been in Gladstone for eight days.

The pair, from New Zealand and the Sunshine Coast respectively, said so far they thought Gladstone was "pretty good".

They were in good spirits, after Melissa won a bet she made in the first race.

Connor McCallum would have had fun, even without the horses at the turf club.

"It's Valentine's Day so there are a few ladies here. They just want a rose. I don't have a rose but I'll buy them a UDL."