A Vacuum cleaner that’s a home security system

The Coronavirus has made 2020 a funny old year.

Yes, it has meant we've had to stay at home more and do more things around the house but I'm doubtful it has made people want to do more housework and cleaning.

I mean, if you've got other things to do why not let a state-of-the-art AI-driven robot take care of the housework for you?
Enter the DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI robot vacuum.

Heralded as an appliance that 'Takes floor cleaning robotics to a whole new level of speed, precision, and intelligence, setting a new standard for the category', the latest offering from the team at ECOVACs is a gamechanger.

Yes, it whizzes around your home picking up absolutely anything in its path dirt and dust-wise. I've tried a few DEEBOTs (and a few other brands) and the suction on this one is the best I've seen.
And it mops too.



This isn't new functionality for the DEEBOT range - a few of their previous models have had a mopping capability and this latest iteration has built on their mopping smarts - removing up to 99.26 per cent of bacteria - without you having to put your back into it. It works well and knows when not to go on the carpet, which is always handy!

The device includes a Pro Oscillating Mopping System, which enables it to deal with stubborn stains by using electrically powered high-frequency vibration (480 times/minute), and a unique fine mopping mode comparable to an electronic mop, further enhancing its mopping ability as it simulates a scrubbing motion.

But the biggest innovation here is the AIVI - or Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation.

Teamed with the existing TrueMapping and Navigation Technology, the combination of these technology superpowers results in a robot which can map the home environment much faster, and with greater precision than current platforms, while detecting and avoiding common household objects in the process.

Indeed, OZMOT8 has an even more sophisticated obstacle avoidance than ever before, and can automatically recognise objects including shoes, charging docks, cables, clothes, and socks.

Karen Powell, Head of ECOVAVS ROBNOTICS for Australia and New Zealand explains:
"The DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI's ability to recognise and respond to objects and obstacles in the environment around it is a game-changer when it comes to robotic cleaners. Users can now leave the home cleaning to their automated devices with unprecedented levels of trust that it will not get stuck."

It's able to avoid such objects due to the state-of-the-art camera on top of the device. This is not new for DEEBOT fans.

But what is new is that technological advancements have turned this state-of-the-art cleaning device into a home security system.

The OZMOT8 utilised it as a roaming home monitoring device with the in-built on-demand Video Manager function. This enables users to check in on their pets, kids and home areas and appliances when out and about, making the DEEBOT a powerful housekeeping tool.

It takes a photo every 90-degree rotation, and these images and videos are stored on an encrypted server in Singapore, for whenever you need to access them.
This surely is taking the connected home category to the next level.

The DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI is available with a RRP of $1299