Kris Goos with car 1 and Nick Petrons with car 888 holding the Peter Brock Bathurst 1000 trophy.
Kris Goos with car 1 and Nick Petrons with car 888 holding the Peter Brock Bathurst 1000 trophy. Contributed

Meet the man who helped Jamie Whincup win Bathurst

The job

Getting back to work after win

ANYONE who saw the last 20 laps of this year's Bathurst 1000 knows it was an edge-of-your-seat finish.

Now put yourself in Kris Goos' shoes.

The Biloela man is the number one mechanic on Triple 8 Racing's number one car, driven by Jamie Whincup

Goos said for those last laps it was fairly tense in the Triple 8 Racing camp.

"Once he crossed the line it was still a hesitation, like 'Is it real'?" Goos said.

"It takes a few days to sink in."

Goos was responsible for building the winning V8 supercar from the ground up, and he reckons life doesn't get much better after winning Bathurst.

"It's pretty hard to beat.

"I'm no different to anyone else growing up in Australia. Bathurst is the pinnacle."

Goos said the feeling was "the highest of the high".

"It's a tick the box thing to even get there, let alone win it," Goos said.

"We won the championship last year and it has got to be comparable to that.

"It's quite a bit more special when you build the car yourself."

For Goos, leaving his home and following his dreams was a big decision, but it has paid off in spades.

His career has taken off since joining Team Vodafone.

"To have someone of that calibre approach me and want to employ me, I must have done a few things right," Goos said.

"It's a big deal to join the team with the car having 88 on it, and to turn it into a 1 is something special."

Now based in Brisbane with Triple 8 Racing, Goos said when growing up in Biloela on his parents' farm he loved motocross and drag racing, but that did not make his decision to leave easy.

"It was a big deal for me to step away from a third generation farm.

"It wasn't quite my deal. I was pretty passionate about race cars.

"There was no V8 Supercars in Biloela."

Goos said he kept in touch as much as he can, calling home often.

Although he doesn't get to travel home as often as he would like, Goos said he got back to Biloela recently.

"I was lucky enough to get home to go to a wedding and my dad's 60th in Biloela the weekend before Bathurst."

He often gets caught saying he is going home and people think he is travelling 10 minutes down the road in Brisbane, when really he has Biloela on his mind.

"You're always going to miss it. It will always be home to me."

Goos isn't new to the V8 Supercar business, having been involved for about 10 years.
He has been with Triple 8 Racing for two years and before that was working for Dick Johnson Racing for three years.
And what a ride it has been.
He said everything was as good as it could be working for Triple 8 Racing.
"It's quite comforting to know we are pretty hard to beat.
"It's good to see even though we are at a high we keep on improving."

The job

  • Goos is responsible for anything that happens mechanically for the car
  • The assembly of the car is Goos' responsibility
  • When it gets back from a race, Goos has to go over the car and see if anything needs to be improved
  • Debrief after a race to identify faults on the car or in general from the race

"People think you bolt tyres on and put fuel in and off you go, but it couldn't be further from the truth," Goos said.

Getting back to work after win

THERE is no time to rest for Kris Goos.

The Gold Coast 600 is just next week, which means a lot more work for car number 1's lead mechanic.

Although he said in every race the cars were "quite similar", a lot of work went in to preparing a car for each race.

"Not only do we change the car for each race, we have a couple of different set ups for each race," Goos said.

But so far, he said preparations for the race were going well.

"We are just trying to do everything the same way we do it.

"We have to keep developing obviously.

"There is a fine line between changing too much and losing yourself and consistently inching forward," he said.

And after that Goos said he needed to prepare the car for Abu Dhabi, which involves fitting all of their gear and cars into two containers for shipping.



Jamie Whincup's Bathurst win: Watch the last lap live. Video: Channel 7
Jamie Whincup's Bathurst win: Watch the last lap live. Video: Channel 7