Gladstone’s new magistrate has made it clear he has no tolerance for drug suppliers.
Gladstone’s new magistrate has made it clear he has no tolerance for drug suppliers.

‘Usually go jail sentences’: Firm warning for drug suppliers

"THIS is your first and last warning - get that into your head."

Gladstone's new magistrate Bevan Manthey made it clear during court proceedings yesterday he had no tolerance for drug suppliers.

"This supply of drugs is getting down to these kids," Mr Manthey told Reilly Tayla Brown.

"I've had instances not so long ago where these kids were being interviewed and they said they were breaking into houses, doing property breaks to get drugs, you understand that?"

Brown pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to possess property suspected of having been used in commission of a drug offence, possess anything used in the commission of a crime, produce dangerous drugs and supply dangerous drugs.

The court was told that on March 6 in New Auckland, Brown unlawfully produced cannabis, supplied cannabis to another person, had in her possession an electric light carbon filter, thermometer, electric conduit, humidifier, mobile phone and pipes used in connection with producing dangerous drugs, and a brass pipe.

Defence lawyer Bianca Hight said her client, a 20-year-old mother of a two-year-old, was not addicted to drugs, but occasionally smoked a joint for back pain.

"It was a very silly decision; she won't be doing it again," Ms Hight said.

Brown's lack of criminal history, early plea and co-operation with police worked in her favour for a penalty. She received a $900 fine and no conviction was recorded, but Mr Manthey warned her.

"You want to stuff around with this s--- you suffer the consequences," he said.

"I usually go jail sentences for supply, you understand that?

"Supply is one charge I'm pretty well tough on.

"You are now on the radar for the police; you want to continue on this road, that is your choice."