Urban Outfitters is selling this
Urban Outfitters is selling this "Halloween costume" - for $81. Picture: Urban Outfitters

Outrage over ‘crap’ $81 costume

THIS is the latest Halloween costume dividing the internet.

And it's not hard to see why.

For a staggering $81 ($US59), Urban Outfitters will help you channel a "superstar influencer" - thanks to one pair of dark grey leggings, and one plain-looking sports bra.

That's right - the cap, sunnies and joggers needed to complete the look aren't even thrown in.

According to the popular fashion and lifestyle retailer, the Influencer costume will help the wearer "channel Instagram style in this low key costume set worthy of a superstar influencer" featuring a "minimalist sporty-chic sports bra and leggings in muted tonal hues" for a look that's "so now".

The sunglasses, sneakers and wig are
The sunglasses, sneakers and wig are "sold separately". Picture: Urban Outfitters

If you wanted to shop the entire look, the wig is also available online for $US16 ($AU22), while the cap sells for $US10 ($AU13) and the Fila sneakers cost $US70 ($AU96).

That means the entire underwhelming costume would set you back $AU212.

And unsurprisingly, many shoppers are less than impressed.

While some find the concept funny, others have flooded the product listing - which currently has 3.7 out of five stars - with poor reviews.

"Influencers are the dumbest things I've ever seen. Get a real job," one reviewer wrote, while another claimed it "might be the dumbest thing I've witnessed".

The outfit mirrors clothing from Kanye West's Yeezy fashion line, which have been spotted on a number of celebrities including Paris Hilton and the rapper's own wife, Kim Kardashian.

But while the Influencer costume might be silly - and expensive - it's not the only outfit to have caused outcry recently.

Last month, an online clothing company was forced to remove a "sexy Handmaid's Tale " costume from its site in the lead-up to Halloween, following a social media backlash.

That outfit was accused of trivialising the message of the television show and sexualising the handmaids - who are subjected to rape in the fictional totalitarian state, Gilead, in an attempt to repopulate society in the face of a rapidly declining birthrate.

Last year, an "inappropriate" children's Halloween costume of Holocaust victim Anne Frank was removed from stores around the globe after it caused massive backlash among social media users.

Halloween is celebrated across North America and Europe - and increasingly here in Australia, too - on October 31.