Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics respond to the accident.
Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics respond to the accident. David Nielsen

UPDATE: Pregnant woman cut in chainsaw accident

11.50am: The  woman injured in a chainsaw accident has been transported to Gladstone Hospital in a stable condition.

 Queensland  Ambulance Service said paramedics were able to quickly bring the haemorrhaging wound under control  after treating her on The Narrows Rd near Mt Larcom.

11.10am: Ambulance paramedics have treated the pregnant woman who cut her arm in a chainsaw accident near Mt Larcom.

The paramedics met up with the woman and her husband as they were driving along The Narrows Rd about 10.50am.

The bleeding from a cut to the bottom half of an arm was reportedly under control.

It's believed she is being transported to hospital in a stable condition.

10.30am: Emergency service are responding to an accident where a heavily pregnant woman has cut her arm with a chainsaw south of Rockhampton.

The 26-year-old victim's husband is driving her towards ambulance paramedics who are on their way to meet the couple on a rural road in the Mt Larcom area.

Initial reports indicate the bleeding is not controlled but the woman, who is 35 weeks pregnant, is doing her best to stem the flow of blood while her husband is driving the 4WD along The Narrows Rd.

More to follow.