Alex Staines is set to open a Hog's Breath Cafe in Gladstone next year.
Alex Staines is set to open a Hog's Breath Cafe in Gladstone next year. Brenda Strong

No re-count for Alex Staines, 'trial count' accurate: ECQ

IF RUNNER up councillor candidate Alex Staines wants Electoral Commission Queensland to consider a recount in Gladstone he will have to make a formal request.

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The electoral commission has confirmed it has no plans to recount ballots in the five areas, including Gladstone, where new technology was used following the March 19 elections.

Mr Staines --- who polled ninth --- yesterday said he doubted the final numbers particularly given technical issues and the increase in informal, or invalid, votes from the 2012 election which rose by about 1000.

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But the electoral commission says the new technology can't be blamed for incorrectly identifying ballots as informal.

"The scanning equipment identifies any ballot in which it detects an irregularity, and puts it aside for attention by counting staff and scrutineers," an electoral commission spokesperson said.

"The decision on formality is then made by humans not the scanning machines."

Mr Staines missed out on a spot around the council table after landing 72 votes less than Kahn Goodluck.